How to Get A Good Singapore Divorce Lawyer


Divorce can often be a messy and emotional affair, but with the right lawyer, the process can become much more straightforward and manageable. There are essentially two ways by which you can find a reputable divorce lawyer:

Word of Mouth

Even in this modern day and age, the best way to find a good divorce lawyer is through word of mouth. Ask your family and friends, especially those who went through the process themselves, if they can refer you to an attorney who specializes in family law and has a good track record in divorce cases.

Online Search

With the internet, it is now easy to access a large pool of divorce attorneys to choose from. However, due diligence should be exercised to review each profile thoroughly, paying close attention to the attorney’s credentials, expertise and suitability for your situation, as well as the reviews left by previous clients.

You may also opt to go directly to reputable directories that list down data of divorce lawyers in your area.

Choosing a Divorce Lawyer: Factors to Consider

  • Credentials – Your lawyer should hold strong credentials in the field and ideally provide specialised services that are appropriate to your unique circumstances.
  • Cost – Fees differ based on the lawyer’s experience and specialisation, services provided, and how complex the proceedings are. As long as the attorney is transparent with the expected costs, you may opt for one whose services you can best afford.
  • Rapport – First impressions and trust matter. From the first consultation, you can get a good sense of the lawyer’s character and work ethics and how he will handle your case.
  • Compassion – It is not enough that the attorney holds the perfect credentials. As divorce is often a stressful process, you deserve a lawyer who is compassionate and patient to support you and get you through it.


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