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Common FAQs on Civil & Commercial Litigation

Is there another way to settle these disputes?

Definitely! Instead of settling the issue in court, you could employ either mediation or arbitration.
Mediation is the process whereby both parties settle their disputes via a process of discussion. The mediator will try to help both parties understand where each of them stand on the issue and try to narrow their differences. A dispute can be resolved if only both sides agree to compromise. A mutually beneficial agreement could be reached with both parties agreeable with the outcome.
Arbitration is similar to court proceedings just that it is not taken in a court room and the verdict is not issued by a judge. An arbitrator will look into the legal rights and wrongs of a dispute and makes a decision based on the facts presented. The decision made by an arbitrator is legally binding whether both parties agree to it or not.

What is the cost of pursing my dispute?

The cost of a lawsuit depends on how long it lasts. The cost of lawyers often differs from different firms. However there are certain fixed costs, such as the application for a Writ of Summons and court hearing fees. Click on the link below to find out the cost of court hearings in Singapore. https://www.singaporelawwatch.sg/About-Singapore-Law/Overview/ch-02-civil-procedure
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