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Godwin Campos LLC: Divorce Lawyer

Getting a Divorce in Singapore

Specialist Divorce Law Firm with >90% Success Rate in Completing Divorces

Why Godwin Campos LLC for Your Singapore Divorce?

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Getting divorced is usually a complex and intense experience, especially so for contested divorces, which comprise about 4 in 10 divorces in Singapore.
At Godwin Campos LLC, we recognise that each divorce is deeply personal and unique, requiring customised and strategic solutions when the marriage is no longer viable.

With over 30 years of in-depth knowledge of the Singapore divorce process, and our >90% success rate in completing divorces, you can rest assured that you will receive the best representation to safeguard your interests in your divorce.
Top Singapore Divorce Lawyer
Godwin Campos
LLB (Hons), 1998, National University of Singapore
Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore, 1989
Godwin Campos is a well-established divorce lawyer in Singapore. His sharp and strategic problem-solving and litigation skills have served over two thousand clients well.
Under his leadership and strong specialty in domestic and cross-border family law, Godwin Campos LLC has received many industry accolades over the years and is considered one of the Top 5 family law firms in Singapore.
- Tang Kwai Leng

"I engaged the service of Mr Godwin Campos when I went through my divorce from 2009 – 2012. Throughout the entire proceedings, Mr Campos had put much thought to the matter, provided guidance to me, and enabled appropriate decisions to be made.

I had the confidence and comfort that his professional advice was offered in my best interest and that gave me the peace of mind to begin the healing process to rebuild my life. I strongly recommend him and his team to anyone who requires family law services. "

We Value Transparent & Close Collaboration with You

This is why we believe it is important for clients to understand the Singapore divorce process in a simplified yet methodical way.

How we lay the
groundwork for you:

  • We will walk you through the different stages of the divorce process,
  • We will determine if you meet all the eligibility criteria for divorce in Singapore,
  • We will explain to you what rights you are entitled to, and what responsibilities and obligations you have to fulfil,
  • We will explain the various options and routes in divorce and identify the most suitable option for you.

How we formulate a customised
legal strategy for you:

  • We will come up with an overarching divorce strategy that is in line with your budget, needs and preferences,
  • We will run through alternative dispute resolution methods with you, which will enable you to decide on the most cost-effective option,
  • We will discuss options on how you can secure your assets and generally minimise any joint obligations you may have,
  • We will determine what matrimonial assets there are, and how much of it belongs to you and what you wish to pursue,
  • We will negotiate child custody and maintenance issues,
  • We will present you with all possible scenarios that may come up in the family court, so that you are mentally and legally prepared for anything that may arise.

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