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Civil & Commercial Litigation

Helping Individuals and Businesses Protect Their Legal Rights

Civil litigation usually involves a dispute between two private parties although it can involve an individual or business filing suit against another individual or business. In most instances, the party instituting the claim i.e. the Plaintiff, is seeking compensation in the form of monetary damages from the party defending the claim i.e. the Defendant.

Commercial litigation encompasses disputes which go to the core of a company’s business strategy and implementation vis a vis 3rd parties, for instance infringement of IP rights, joint venture disputes & contract disputes. It can also encompass corporate litigation which involves the internal activities of the company itself e.g. shareholders’ disputes.

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Civil & Commercial Areas
We Cover:

Contract Disputes
Property & Land Disputes
Joint Venture & Shareholders’ Disputes
Employment Related Disputes
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What are Contract Disputes?

Contract disputes occur when one or both parties to an agreement disagree about the terms and conditions which usually happens when one of them breaches the contract. A breach of contract may occur when the terms of the contract are not performed at all, or where they are not done in accordance with the agreed specifications/timelines. In contractual disputes, the party aggrieved usually sues for damages and/or seeks to have the terms of the contract legally enforced. Contract disputes involve all types of agreements across a variety of industries. Examples include tenancy agreements, commercial leases, sale/purchase of assets, business & personal debts, licensing and IP contracts and employment contracts.

What are Property & Land Disputes?

Property & land disputes may arise over the sale/purchase of property/land or may involve issues concerning damage to property, building defects, boundaries, trespass, disputed ownership of property, easements, land acquisition, access to property and the increasingly frequent occurrence of purported breaches of MCST laws through illegal installations/erection of structures.

What are Joint Venture & Shareholders’ Disputes?

Joint Ventures are an increasing popular medium through which companies undertake business activities and projects. But, as with any partnership, conflicts between individual parties are bound to arise. JV disputes commonly centre around each party’s share of the business & share of profits, the parties’ level of commitment to the JV and possibly disputes over the future direction of the JV.

Shareholders’ Disputes are common in Singapore companies and such disputes usually evolve around how the business should be managed. This could involve issues such as how profits should be shared, who to hire or fire, plans for expansion, whether any shareholder has acted against the company’s interest, whether there has been a leak of confidential information by any shareholder or is the minority shareholder being oppressed.

What are Employment Related Disputes?

Since 2003, we have been helping individuals and companies expertly handle all types of employment-related disputes, with the aim of ensuring that their interests are adequately protected. Whether you are an employer or an employee, you would also want your matter to be resolved as smoothly and favourably as possible. Common employment-related dispute issues centre on termination of employment, unfair dismissal, retrenchment, restraint of trade/restrictive covenant clauses, trade secrets & confidentiality obligations and the rights & obligations of both employer & employee under an employment contract.

Whatever the nature of the dispute, Godwin Campos LLC will ensure that your rights and obligations are properly evaluated and that your rights are effectively protected through targeted litigation. The firm relentlessly strives to ensure that their clients receive the best specialist legal support with the paramount objective being the protection of their clients’ interests.
Godwin Campos
LLB (Hons), 1998, National University of Singapore Advocate & Solicitor, Singapore, 1989
Godwin Campos is a well-recognised civil and commercial litigation lawyer in Singapore. With an in-depth knowledge of Singapore’s legal system, he has successfully helped many individuals and businesses strategically manoeuvre through the complex judicial process with clarity and foresight.
Under his leadership, Godwin Campos LLC has since become a leading civil and commercial litigation law firm in Singapore, known particularly for their expert legal advice and strong representation for their clients.
When faced with a legal concern, it is key to have an experienced and supportive law firm on your side. Godwin Campos LLC is an award-winning law firm in Singapore and we offer non-obligatory first consultations to help you evaluate your situation better.
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