4 Types of Child Custody Orders Issued in Singapore

Child custody is one of the biggest concerns in a Singapore divorce, as this determines which parent will be given the authority to care for the child and make major decisions regarding...

Legal Help For Divorce

A divorce is the legal procedure for ending a marriage. When a Judge from the Family court grants a divorce, the Judge will hand down a so-called interim Judgment of divorce, which...

10 Points to Consider Before Filing for a Divorce

A divorce is often a taxing affair that comes with financial, physical and emotional costs. It is a life-changing decision with long-standing effects, particularly if children are involved...

Who Gets Child Custody After Divorce in Singapore?

Divorce is rarely an easy call to make, especially when children are involved. This brings up the question: Who gets custody of the child in dissolution...

How to Get a Good Singapore Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can often be a messy and emotional affair, but with the right lawyer, the process can become much more straightforward and manageable. There are essentially two...

Understanding Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is the legal practice of settling matrimonial issues such as child custody and asset division outside the court and through mediation...


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